Raise Your People

Raise your people above the talent poverty line for belonging and contribution

Deploy the BrilliantFIT digital dashboard to release talent, engage belonging in modern working and build exceptional collaboration for change making

These times has thrown the rhythms of work, workplace and leading change into turmoil and uncertainty. Knowing how to engage every employee is no longer optional for organisations. It is essential to use this time to foster community and build authentic working relationships that lead to well-being for individuals and augmented collaboration and co-creativity – face to face and virtual.

A key task now is to harness the talents and passions of your people for collaboration and co-creativity, not just well-being. When challenges by crisis or change, people default to their natural talents.

Taking the time to identify these talents, to optimise strengths, minimize struggles and build a Community of Talents for modern working and for leading change making is a critical organisational capability. Aligning talents for modern working creates exceptional team work. When people have the opportunity to engage in change from their natural talents, they will take the journey with you.

In the past, talent discovery and alignment has been done by experts and has been given to a few. Only 20% of people currently work to their natural strengths for most of the time – they work above the Talent Poverty Line. Now, the BrilliantFIT Talent Dashboard can be installed for day to day use by individuals, teams and organisations, so that everyone can thrive in modern working.

Team members can see how each member naturally performs at their best, and what combinations of talents are required to undertake certain assignments or tasks. Teams can also look at team dynamics and relationships and use the Dashboard for effective onboarding of new members.

Change makers can create and reshape change teams based on combinations of talents.

If you could use this time to re-imagine work where every member of your team is thriving above the Talent Poverty Line and embracing change – what difference would this make?

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Jeremy Scrivens is a global consultant on talent, work, transformation and positive change.  Jeremy deploys the ground breaking BrilliantFIT digital platform to assist individuals, teams and organisations to build belonging, align work to identity and build highly collaborative change making teams.

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