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Install a Culture of Appreciation into Modern Working

Deploy the Culture of Appreciation supported by the Brownie Points App to augment belonging and wellbeing and share the stories of meaningful change in the rhythm of modern working

People’s expectations of work have changed forever. People want more from work. It is important now for leaders to co-construct with their people the new ways of working; what it means to be and do well together in the multiple places of working – office, home, and hybrid. At the heart of this augmented work experience is the power of intrinsic recognition in real time and at scale.

Tony Delaney, CEO of Brownie Points, invited Jeremy Scrivens, a global consultant on culture, modern working and meaningful technology to create a syllabus for leaders to engage their people to co-create and install an intrinsic Culture of Appreciation, supported by the Brownie Points Mobile App.

The Culture of Appreciation (C of A) syllabus has five elements – Collective Values, Moments of Truth Stories, Good to Great Behaviours, Real-Time Recognition and Meaningful Rewards. The Brownie Points App is deployed to grow and sustain this culture at scale, regardless of where and how people work.

Current research informs us that people are motivated more by acts of kindness being shown to them as well as being able to show acts of kindness to others, than they are by extrinsic monetary rewards. This taps into a generosity of spirit and overflows into outstanding customer and employee experience. C of A plus the Brownie Points tech platform host these conversations in organisations in real time.

Traditional rewards programs focus on recognition by managers. Now the shift is towards peer-to-peer recognition. We look out for the good things that our colleagues do, the behaviours by which we live our values daily. We share stories of these behaviours in real time with our colleagues across the whole team or organisation and we experience meaningful rewards and collective quality, learning and growth.

The C of A syllabus powerfully supports change and transformation projects by positively reinforcing the best in the new ways of being and doing and motivating ownership, buy in and passion for the change

As a leader, what if you took these times as an opportunity to win the War for Talent and make change making so easy, simply by installing appreciation at scale – what difference would this make?

ACMP members will receive a 10% discount

First Contact, a global concierge business, have installed a Culture of Appreciation, supported by the Brownie Points app, into the heart of daily working.

The combination of an intrinsic recognition culture and the tech platform has enabled First Contact to keep attracting and motivating talent in these disruptive times.

For Paul, it all started with the Concierge’s Tie story, which Paul shares in this video.

What is your equivalent to the Concierge’s Tie story?

What if these stories became a culture lived, experienced and celebrated by your people as part of their daily work experience?

What if you could set this up at scale to connect and engage all your people in this culture, especially as we move to new forms of working – what’s possible?

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