Call Your People Together

Call your people together to co-create meaningful transformation #reframingyourfuture

A One Day Master Class for leaders and change makers on how to engage your people to co-create the future in the Appreciative Inquiry Summit Room

More than ever, people want to find more meaning in their work and leave a positive legacy.

These times offer a unique chance for leaders to harness the talents and passions of their people for collective creativity in the Appreciative Inquiry Summit Room.

Creating modern working is no longer the job of the C Suite with their experts but a collaboration that requires the talents and perspectives of every employee for a great impact – to do more with more.

The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Summit Room is a strengths-based approach to positive change, organisational growth, innovation, wellbeing, diversity and modern working in times of disruption.

Organisations use AI to develop future strategy, shift culture, innovate new products and services, design modern working and create forward momentum on large-scale change. What makes AI powerful is its focus on discovering and building on an organisation’s strengths – its positive core – and the experience of wholeness from the inclusion and diversity of everyone’s story.

Recognising profound shifts in the nature of work and employee expectations, the UK NHS invited Jeremy to develop a Master Class for NHS leaders on the principles and practice of AI. Following the successful reception of the Master Class, this one-day workshop has been further developed for leaders and change makers in any industry and sector who wish to learn how to host and engage their people to co-create meaningful change in today’s times to do more with more, not more with less.

How would your employees answer this question to their grandchildren - what legacy do they leave to the world because they partnered with you at this time in positive change?

ACMP members will receive a 10% discount

Jeremy Scrivens, a global consultant on the future of work, collaboration and positive change, has deployed Appreciative Inquiry in over 75 organisations.

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