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How do you engage your people to take the journey with you into an unknown future in times of white-knuckle change?

The global pandemic has changed the dynamics between employee and employer forever. The challenge for leaders and their change makers today is how to deal with a significant shift in employee expectations about work, the workplace, change projects and their relationship with their employer.

For years, people have put up with being disengaged at work. But the pandemic got people out of the office long enough for them to reflect on what is really important and they want more from work. People won’t put up with low engagement any more – and this is showing up in the Great Resignation.

People are quitting their jobs as they go in search for what has been missing all this time – meaning and purpose, working to their unique identity and talents, real time appreciation for their contribution and a sense of connection and belonging to a community, especially with virtual working.  

This is a time of great opportunity for organisations to proactively change the relationship with their employees to become pro active partners in the work to co- create vibrant, meaningful futures.

How would you like to do more with more, not more with less?

To do this with the changing expectations that people have of #work, you are going to put the #change topics and the tech in the hands of your people. And you’re going to create ways in which they can own that. That is the focus of my work with your leadership team now, how to put #peoplefirst in transformation.

Popular Courses

There are three keys to unlocking more with more.

Call your people together

Call your people together to co-create meaningful transformation #reframingyourfuture

A One Day Master Class for leaders and change makers on how to engage your people to co-create the future in the Appreciative Inquiry Summit Room

Raise your people

Raise your people above the talent poverty line for belonging and contribution

Deploy the BrilliantFIT digital dashboard to release talent, engage belonging in modern working and build exceptional collaboration for change making

Install appreciation

Install a Culture of Appreciation into modern working

Deploy the Culture of Appreciation supported by the Brownie Points App to augment belonging and wellbeing and share the stories of meaningful change in the rhythm of modern working

Learn Through The Process


Find out about the six key topics that really matter to people in their experience of work today – Meaning & Purpose, Collective Values, Vital Conversations, Care & Kindness, Appreciation & Recognition and Meaningful Technology


Learn how to host conversations with your people around the Six Topics in ways that will ignite their passion, their talents and their creativity to join with you as #changemakers to shape a vibrant future – one where both the business and your people flourish and grow


Our courses and workshops are highly interactive, practical and customised to your business. Action what you have learned to grow your business, your leaders, your change makers and your people in the experience and power of modern working and positive transformational change


Client Reviews

We are so happy to be working with all our clients and here you can read some of their reviews on our courses.

Jeremy is utilizing all of his expertise, passion and understanding of business to help organizations reimagine the future of work. Each conversation I've had with Jeremy I've gained a deeper appreciation for his vision, his passion and commitment to ensuring that nobody gets left behind within a company. His vision is creating a movement of like-minded people coming together to co-create and to for everyone to have a voice in the process is inspiring.
Ronan Leonard
Jeremy is one of those rare people you hope to meet that challenge the way you think about life, work and leadership. His talent for bringing out both a persons and organisations authentic and unique strengths and passions is priceless - especially in today's business environment.
Damian Anderson
CEO - Acceleration Group
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